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Website SEO & Marketing

Customise Your Website Meta Data

Creating great meta data requires some thought but it can improve your rankings on search engines. Striking a balance between including relevant keywords whilst not 'keyword stuffing' is important in order to achieve the best results.

What is Meta Data?

Meta data is related to search engines. It's worth getting clued up if you want your site to be found.

Meta Title
The title of a webpage needs to concisely describe the page content. Keep it short and sweet - under 50 characters is best.

Meta Description
You can go into slightly more detail here but try and keep it under 150 characters. Remember to include some relevant keywords to add value and drive clicks.

Meta Keywords
Since 2009, these are ignored by the majority of search engines but you are free to set these for the search engines that still use them.

Give your site a little love and watch your audience grow.